Regions of Drekhjarta

Kastali City

Situated along Bryti Bay with the Vigtonn Harbor as its centerpiece, Kastali City’s location was chosen due to convenience, commerce, and its central location on the continent. The city developed around the Harbor and takes up most of the region’s space. The area becomes much more rural as one travels further away from the Harbor, with buildings and markets being replaced by pastures and modest farmlands.

Castle Drekmerki, Merchant District, Living District, Vigtonn Harbor, Border Walls, Farmlands


The northernmost region of Drekharta is brutal and unforgiving. Its towering peaks, icy landscapes, and general lack of vegetation and food sources make it an extremely difficult place to live, especially past the mountains. The beauty of these wintry lands draws many, but few are weather-hardy enough to make the region their permanent home.

Town of Allkalder, Dragon’s Head, Jolvatin Strands, Taiga, Heminloft Mountains, Spretta River


Vestri’s most prominent features include its rolling hills, vast plains dotted in the vibrant colors of flowers, and of course the three-pronged river known as the Trident. With all of its wide-open spaces, it’s a rather easy-going region with many cattle and horse ranches. With its border against the calm Alkyrra Sea, Vestri also claims many beautiful, peaceful views.

Town of Bargskora, Eileid Slopes, Bifrost Meadows, Saltwater Cliffs, Trident, Grunlyd Uplands


Where Vestri is open and inviting, the eastern region is mysterious and unexpectedly hazardous. With almost the entire land being blanketed in thick forests, it is quite easy to get lost or come face-to-face with predators. With Dvergmali Lake at its center and the Archipelagos off its coast, Austanferd draws the most tourism for its unparalleled beauty, despite the dangers within the trees.

Town of Nyker, Hlodyn Hills, Endalauss Forest, Dvergmali Lake, Vaenger Rapids, Archipelagos


The southern region is as brutal as its northern counterpart, although for very different reasons. Where Norderhalt’s winds and snow will chill to the bone, Sunnarst’s heat and sand will set fire to the skin. The desert lands curl around the Dragon’s Basin, with little to no vegetation or shade to provide any relief. Water sources are limited and hard to find.

Town of Tilverki, Jarnsia Gorge, Galinn Canyon, Alderlok Desert, Sild Woodland, Dragon’s Tail


The island region is by far the most sought-after land in Drekhjarta, with luscious vegetation and breathtaking views no matter which direction one looks. It is a sort of haven to the people who call it home, and few rarely leave the lands to find someplace else to settle. The population here is very scarce due to the perilous waves and unfriendly dragons that lurk the depths of the Alreider Sea.

Town of Saevar, Hloa Jungle, Palmvide Gardens, Enadsyn Tributary, Fjarlae Cape, Azure Coasts


Haskadell Lands

Great Road

The Great Road crosses through the heart of Drekhjarta, tying together the regions of Sunnarst, Vestri, and Kastali City. It is common to see almost every kind of species traversing through the bustling road full of merchants and entertainers. It is a common way to travel to the territories in the desert lands from Kastali, and some prefer this method over the grassy plains to get through to Vestri. Those who cross can easily get caught up in the throng of the crowd and lose possessions to hardened, professional thieves.
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Solkoss Path

A haphazardly-cut walkway through Norderhalt and Austenferd, the Solkoss Path connects the northern and eastern territories to Kastali City. It is the only designated way through the perilous jungles of the twisting, forested lands. Even on the path, darkness looms between the trees, eyes glinting bright while predators wait to pounce. The thick treetops allow for little light save the sparse cascading rays shimmering through an overabundance of foliage, and a disharmony of predatory sounds linger in the air.
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Bryti Bay

The busy inlet of Bryti Bay offers a place for merchants and travelers to cross paths on their way in and out of the Vigtonn Harbor, or simply a quick stop away from the Alreider Sea. Ships and passengers together often come in battered and defeated after traversing the furious ocean, seeking rest before moving on again; it is serene there, quite unlike its much larger counterpart. The ships that can’t fit themselves into the Harbor either due to size or how busy the docks are often overflow into the Bay.
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Dragon’s Basin

There is an old tale that the rocks jutting through the chilling surface are actually the teeth of ancient dragons. It is an eerie, fog-filled place, and sailors must be increasingly careful to avoid ship-destroying jags. Wrecks are commonplace here, and the washed up remains are strewn about in great numbers. Some believe this is where the dragons come to spend their final rest, their bodies disappearing to leave only their teeth behind. Their supposed corpses call to thrillseekers like sirens in the night.
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Alreider Sea

The raging Alreider Sea is a dangerous place for any to cross. Storms claim both sky and ocean; all-encompassing, lashing waves swallow ships whole while lightning threatens to strike those with wings down into the dark swells. Even in the depths below, the current churns and drags the fallen down while shadowy figures lurk in waiting - monsters unknown with mouths wide open. Of equal danger are the Alreider Pirates, well versed in reading the violent sea and taking wayward souls hostage. Some believe it’s better to make a deal with the devil than die to the sword...
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Alkyrra Sea

Opposite of the Alreider Sea in every way, the tranquil calm waters of the Alkyrra Sea are a blessing to all who wish to travel the open blue. It seems almost as if pulled from a dream - an endless, soft whisper carrying on the breeze. A brilliant orange sky shines down in benevolence upon ships sailing underneath, and where the water meets land along the coastlines all species can be found swimming in the surfs. The Alkyrra Pirates are a kind sort, happily taking those who ask out on their boats and helping them travel from region to region.
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