Player Logs

Player logs are useful threads that you can post to help keep track of your characters. Members can use them for listing out their current threads, storing their posting templates, keeping a log of characters met, and more. These are not required, but feel free to post one if you’d like!
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If you’re looking for someone to fill a specific role in your character’s life, this is the place to search! Browse through what other members are looking for, and post your own wanted ad if you can’t find a match!
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Rumors & Gossip

It’s a well-known rule of roleplaying that what’s mentioned out of character is not known in character. This board is a way to bypass that rule – our very own rumor mill! All rumors and gossip posted in this board are free “knowledge” that any character can know. You can only post rumors and gossip about your own characters.


This is another board that can assist your character in the IC world. Drekhjarta is a very large continent, and sometimes it’s not feasible for your character to be everywhere at once. If you’d like to send a letter via courier to another character, this is the place to do so.

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