Castle Drekmerki

In the heart of Kastali City lies the great Castle Drekmerki, home to Drekhjarta’s only royalty. Built with brilliant yellow stone surrounded by expansive lush fields, the structure houses not only the family but those in their servitude: staff including maids, soldiers, and advisors. Noblemen mill about the decorated courtyard as elegant women swoon at their sides, surrounded by gardens full of ornate flowers. The inside of the castle is as any would expect - extravagantly decorated and overly adorned with homage to the King. It is here where only visitors on business in the name of the King may enter due to the high security levels demanded.

Merchant District

On the outskirts of Castle Drekmerki’s walls lies the expansive shopping district within the city’s borders. Those with full wallets shop along the hectic streets among retailers ranging from merchants to performers. Be wary, though, for those unsuspecting may find their pockets emptied and their wares missing in the blink of an eye should they not pay close enough attention. Thieves run rampant among both buyers and sellers and do not discriminate against the treasures they may steal. Persecution is rare since the busy streets make finding the fleeing perpetrators difficult, and consequences are nearly null. It is here where anyone can purchase a barren lot in the market to build their own shop.

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Living District

To the south of the Merchant District rests the quiet quarters of the Living District. It is a close-knit community of housing for the ones who enjoy the convenient proximity to the Castle and marketplace while keeping their distance from the tumultuous lifestyle. The architecture ranges in material from wood, to stone, to brick, since people often purchase their own space and renovate it to their desires. It isn’t uncommon to see both poor and rich mingling here; in the Living District, everyone is just trying to find their piece of muted tranquility. The housing facing the Harbor has access to stunning sunrises and sunsets across the water.

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Vigtonn Harbor

Along the western coastline of Kastali City, outside of the castle walls, sits the port of Vigtonn Harbor. It is the only true access point into the city, a mandatory checkpoint for all coming or going. Visiting ships are usually never moored for longer than a fortnight while their captains do business in the Market District, and those residing in the Living District often have little need for sea transport - it is rare to find any there owning a personal vessel. People looking for ways in and out of the city typically arrange a trade with the visitors for passage across the open waters. Ships are plentiful - maybe annoyingly so - as they squeeze together, all vying for a spot along the crowded dockside as merchants shout and create an increased raucous trying to sell goods without having to go into the city.
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Border Walls

Lining most of the territory under the control of Castle Drekmerki, the Border Walls are an indomitable structure that have withstood the test of time. Reinforced stone keeps all who do not belong there on the city outskirts, as ominous beggars lay in wait to take advantage of weary visitors. Any with intentions to reach the Castle, Market District, and Living District must first pass through the checkpoint at the wall.
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Beyond the Border Wall, some distance from the stir of city life, a simplicity not found elsewhere in Kastali calls to those searching for an honest living. In the Farmlands are often humans and fae managing their own land, running farms of various sizes and types. Since they are under the rule of the King, it is prohibited to sell goods outside of the Market District, though a few willing to take the risk try anyway. These lands are also open for housing to those working as farmhands.
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