Town of Allkalder

As the largest settlement in Norderhalt, the Town of Allkalder is a thriving area compared to the other territories in the mostly-snow region. The warden of the north calls the town home along with the hardy individuals that grow up and live here. The numbers are plenty, and it is seemingly the only place where all three species live in peace together - perhaps due to the inhospitable conditions where survival comes with cooperation, or perhaps the cold numbs the dissonance between them. Farms are common as a way to get food, though the more popular way is through hunting and gathering given the harsh nature of the climate. From the Heminloft Mountains in the northeast come heavy snows that can leave the town drowning in the white fluff for weeks at a time; the residents are tenacious creatures that tend to prefer their difficult lifestyle over mingling with the rest of Drekhjarta’s populace.

Dragon’s Head

Unlike the Taiga, the lights at the Dragon’s Head are very real: the aurora borealis swirls and streaks across the skies in both night and daytime hours, drawing visitors from across the continent to marvel at their beauty. It is the only place such elements can be found, and dragons blessed with flight are often seen soaring between the tendrils of color as they claim the sky together. The Alkyrra Sea provides soft waves and very little storms to break apart the view of calm waters, which rarely ice over in even the coldest season. There is an unmatched peace that emanates from this area of Norderhalt, and some of the region’s population can’t resist the draw to build homes so they too can be part of the wonder.
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Jolvatin Strands

Ships headed for the Jolvatin Strands tend to wreck long before reaching their destination, but those that manage to slip past the angry Alreider Sea are faced with yet another challenge: icebergs ready to sink those ships line the passage into the fjords, the only access point to the Strands via ocean-travel. Climate-wise, this area is the warmest Norderhalt has to offer, but that leaves little to be desired since the snow that occasionally falls melts quickly and makes the terrain difficult to navigate. Chunks of thinning ice also tend to break off from the main portion of the land, so those walking across would be wise to take care where they place their feet. Thunderstorms are commonplace, leftover but still full of spirit as they come in from the sea.
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Deemed one of the most breathtaking lands in Drekhjarta, the Taiga is an impossibly lavish forest that seems to almost defy the very nature of Norderhalt; it is cold, of course, but the chill seems to be forgotten surrounded by the so-called "magic" that inhabits the territory. The sky is blotted out by the looming height of the trees, though that doesn’t seem to stop the wildlife that teems with activity between the boughs and over the snow. Time seems to slip around those who wander through, making a surreal experience for both natives and visitors alike. Without vision of the sun and moon, keeping track of the time of day is made difficult; however, the treetops appear to be bathed in an undying pale glow, and individuals are often captivated by the eternally lit woods.
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Heminloft Mountains

Any who travel to the Heminloft Mountains are likely to perish from the endless barrage of snowstorms and blizzards, regardless of species or level of preparedness. No good tales ever came from those who managed to survive their journey to the land where death was said to be imminent - there will be no signs of remains for any who are curious enough to go searching, for they have been long buried in the ever-growing piles of snow. The only chance of lasting more than a handful of hours here is to seek shelter in the caves cut into the bases of the mountains, though even then there is little offered in way of support to live. Individuals are responsible for their own safety here, and it is likely they only ever come to find the truth behind a rumored gem said to grant a wish to the one who first touches its glass-cut surface.
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Spretta River

Claiming the area north of Allkalder, the Spretta River provides fresh water that trickles down from the mountains. It is surrounded by thick forests, but once through to the water’s edge one might find themselves in awe of the life that thrives here. It is wide and inviting to any that wish to merely pass through, or even those that choose to stay for a while. Vegetation is plenty and the water runs slowly and smoothly enough to allow for travel via small boats or rafts, until the winter season touches the river and parts may become blocked entirely by ice growing over it.
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