Town of Bargskora

The Town of Bargskora is the western-most capitol of Drekhjarta, home to the warden and those who want to claim a part of the peaceful, easygoing lifestyle the Vestri region offers. The town features a laidback marketplace known for its fish and ocean-themed wares, simple housing, and many opportunities for those seeking ranch life. With the sea to the west and open plains to the east, the town is a popular vacation spot for those with a more passive lifestyle. The atmosphere here is serene, and crime is a rarity that is met with harsh punishment if prosecuted.

Eileid Slopes

Rollings hills seem to go on forever at the Eileid Slopes. Travellers passing through facing an exhausting trek over the green landscape as it rises and falls. There almost seems to be no end in sight to the fields, and even the dragons that fly overhead begin to lose hope in finding the edges of the territory. Vegetation is sparse in the area, though what does grow gives those who navigate through a sense of encouragement to keep going. It isn’t uncommon to see both temporary and long term campers set up along the way, some deciding to rest for a night while others find a unique lure in the Slopes and choose to stay to establish rural ranches.

Bifrost Meadows

The array of endless colors is almost magical, enough to draw anyone to the expansive fields of the Bifrost Meadows. The flowers seem boundless, blooming year-round as if cared for by a greater force. The atmosphere is enchanting, begging those who pass through to spend more time there than they may have planned. It gives off a sensual feel, and romantic outings are often held surrounded by the alluring vegetation.
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Saltwater Cliffs

Salty sea air sweeps across the Saltwater Cliffs, its picturesque scenery sprawling where grassy rock meets deep blue ocean. The open, unobstructed skyline calls to the wayward thinkers who would rather watch the birds flying free and ships sailing on smooth waters than mingle with people or dragons. Lost in thought with windswept hair - or scales - it is easy to forget the passing of time upon the edge of the cliffs.
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The Trident is named for its three-pronged appearance, the spokes part of a larger river that separates toward the north. As the closest territory to Bargskora, rudimentary settlements are established around the calmer creeks - an area best known for its rewarding fishing and minor trade. Besides the western town, the Trident is the most visited part of the Vestri region since travelers refuel their water supply as they come and go. The lands to the east are vast and generally devoid of anything but basic sustenance, so those looking to move across their parts would be wise to stock up on supplies before making the journey.

Grunlyd Uplands

As the northern-most point in Vestri, the Grunlyd Uplands are higher in altitude than the other notable locations in the territory. The grasses are much taller than those in Eileid Slopes, but the land is easier to traverse and is therefore the more popular route to get to Bargskora. Travelers should take care to keep a watchful eye on the surrounding grasses, however, for shadowy figures tend to lurk in their depths. A few sparse groups of trees grow throughout, making the Uplands the most forested area the region has to offer.
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