Town of Nyker

Surrounded by thick forestry and bordered by Dvergmali Lake to the south, Nyker is seen as one of the most environmentally diverse towns in Drekhjarta. It offers a closed-off, reticent atmosphere due to the cluster of trees, while inviting an active and engaging lifestyle from being so close to the water. It is here the warden of the east calls home. The marketplace features more exotic merchandise, items and animals usually brought back from Endalauss Forest and the Archipelagos. The town is the only part of the Austanferd region that gets some reprieve from the verdant forests that take over most of the territory; as such, visitors with a more lavish way of living often go here to search out vacation spots and take in the beautiful sky views offered over the lake. There are warning signs posted throughout the streets and surrounding areas, however, for predators are often caught sneaking around and wreaking havoc along the way.

Hlodyn Hills

Situated at the north end of Austanferd, the Hlodyn Hills is a mountainous area that offers little in terms of habitation for human and fae. Dragons have cut their way into the earth to create caves to call home; at times, curious travelers may pass through the grassy hills and find themselves in the mouths of the beasts. It is unknown whether most make it out alive or perish due to their ignorance. Regardless, those who make it to the hilltops are greeted with unobstructed views of the northern Alreider Sea, and the Norderhalt region across the channel.
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Endalauss Forest

Endalauss Forest is a massive expanse of dense, labyrinthian growth. It is not often traversed, and travelers rarely stray from the Solkoss Path long enough to experience the forest - many that do never return. The forest is full of untouched wilderness and dangerous predators, from big cats to bears to poisonous snakes. While the forest is relatively bright near the path, it is so thick and overgrown that straying even a few yards can cause an inexperienced traveler to lose their way. In the furthest depths, the canopy blocks even the sun, and the forest seems to exist in a perpetual twilight where nothing grows but the massive trees. Rivers and creeks populate much of the region and along them are many beautiful but perilous waterfalls. Mudslides, sinkholes, and flash floods are not uncommon. The forest is almost entirely uninhabited, but some brave individuals might build a home within it. There are also rumors of ancient native temples, holding countless secrets and valuable relics.
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Dvergmali Lake

A charming clearing in between the darker atmosphere of the forests, Dvergmali Lake is a lighthearted getaway from the perils of the surrounding areas. Closely aligned to the Town of Nyker, the visiting travelers often make their way down for some fun on the water. Warning signs of potential threats from predators are mostly ignored at this point, for what could possibly go wrong at such an illustrious place? It is common to see natives and visitors alike having picnics in the delicate grasses, laughter ringing across the landscape. Even the dragons, with their tendency to ignore frivolous things, enjoy spending time lounging at the waterside.
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Vaenger Rapids

As the closest thing Drekhjarta has to a swamp, the Vaenger Rapids are an overgrown jungle cut in half by a raging river. The danger here is imminent; any daring enough to wander through its lands are either considered foolish or brave, but they tend to do it for a very controversial reason. Treasure is said to be hidden in the depths of the Rapids, guarded by an ancient dragon. No one knows if there is truth behind the myth, for none have ever been able to find such dragon or treasure. Still some search, though, and others simply get lost while crossing the region of Austanferd and end up in the middle of the deafening, relentless river.
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Alluring, vibrant and wistful, the Archipelagos is a dream for everyone. Interconnected islands spread about the treacherous Alreider Sea offer a bit of peace amid the temperamental waters. Each piece of land is open, clear, and blooming with wildlife: exotic animals find their safety in the hard-to-reach isles while rare flowers blossom in the perfect solitude. Humans and fae are envious of the dragons’ ability to somewhat easily reach the small lands, for they must find ways to get across the dangerous waters separating them from the mainland. Perhaps it is better that way, however, for hunters and collectors often kill or steal the animals they find for worthy prizes. The Archipelagos are also home to the only flower in Drekhjarta that has healing properties, capable of solving even the most severe cases.
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