Town of Tilverki

The southernmost town in Drekhjarta sits on the edge of an endless desert, the trek long and daunting to any who must travel the distance to get there. The warden who occupies the town’s small but brilliantly eye-catching castle welcomes all into the Sunnarst capitol. Most visitors are from surrounding regions who have business there, since the popular vacation spots all seem to be elsewhere away from the ceaseless heat. There are hardly any individual settlements far from the town, but someone may be inclined enough to make home away from the general populace time and again. How long they last, however, varies on whether their stubbornness can outrank the sun itself.

Jarnsia Gorge

The only reprieve in a sea of endless desert to the north of Sunnarst, the Jarnsia Gorge is a popular stopping point to and from the region. Between here, the Town of Tilverki to the west, and the Alderlok Desert to the south, there are no other opportunities to collect water. Travelers are warned to take a moment to gather their supplies and rest in the only shade offered by the looming canyon walls before heading out. The terrain here is rugged and dangerous, however, so it is best to watch one’s step lest they become injured and end up stranded in the sands.
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Galinn Canyon

Finally the horizon is cut apart by buildings that aren’t part of Tilverki; old, ancient stone erected before any can remember stand as a testament to time, breaking up the monotonous view of waves against waves of sand. The structures contain mysterious scriptures written into the floors and walls, and depictions of things that can’t really be understood. Most of what is to be found in the Galinn Canyon is up to the imagination of whoever comes across it. The ones that do, though, are glad for the brief abatement of grainy particles beneath their feet and blistering sun above their heads. Hundreds of candles are lit here for reasons no one really knows, their flames lighting the way around and never seeming to flicker out. Perhaps it is magic, or an unseen force that keeps them continuously lit, or simply someone who lurks in the background to relight the ones that get snuffed.
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Alderlok Desert

Eternally, discouragingly, the pale orange stretch of sands seems to never end in the Alderlok Desert. The only way south is through the heart of the Sunnarst region, but it is full of perils - there is no water source, no hiding from the heat as it beats down relentlessly with no mercy on those who wander onward. There is nothing at all, really, and it is quite common for one to become lost, their sense of direction muddled as they lose track of the sun and moon’s positions in the sky. Only those prepared enough to take the challenge of traversing the territory make it out unscathed; should someone look hard enough, they might find the cream hues of dried-up bones from individuals that were unlucky in their venture.
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Sild Woodland

This is where the grass begins, sparse and unimpressive between the oceans of sand that surround it. Things that resemble vegetation sprout here and there, though they still don’t offer any sense of sustenance to those that pass through. There is nothing truly remarkable about the Sild Woodland - to some it looks like a graveyard. While there have been reports of ghostly whispers and visions, that title is reserved for the Alderlok Desert and all the remains that are buried in its depths. The land is, however, a frequent resting spot for those on their way through Sunnarst, since the heat is more bearable during the nighttime hours compared to the northern territories.
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Dragon’s Tail

The passage to the Dragon’s Tail is long, a seemingly impossible journey by land, but arriving by sea is even more treacherous with the thrashing Alreider Sea dumping broken things into the Basin. Here is perhaps one of the most dangerous landscapes to cross, with footholds nearly nonexistent as the earth crumbles easily beneath the weight of those on it. The grass has finally shown itself unlike the rest of Sunnarst, and the views are eerily beautiful; a light fog clings to the atmosphere and things are almost peaceful so long as one doesn’t pay too close attention to the shipwrecks across the water, lodged in the jutting rocks that many believe are ancient dragon teeth.
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