Town of Saevar

Despite an emphasis on structure and simplicity, the port city is lively and lush. Saevar is an eclectic mix of leaning townhouses, ivy-draped arches and bridges, stairs that carry you from terrace to terrace (a clever system that allows the city to nestle along the island’s steep incline) and stone-pillared marketplaces. Cobblestone streets crisscross around a system of canals used to transport canoes loaded from the docks. Every inch is covered in greenery: tropical flowers burst from window boxes, palm trees sway alongside buildings, and every other turn leads to small herb gardens. The city quiets the further inland you head, as buildings give way to meadows dotted with ruins that whisper of nature’s ability to reclaim the city almost as fast as it can build it.

Hloa Jungle

The vast jungle is one of the most biodiverse areas in Drekhjarta. Thousands of species inhabit the jungle, but most notable are the golden monkeys that steal hats and packed lunches from unsuspecting travelers, and the fierce caimans that lurk on the riverbanks. Only the natives are familiar enough with the land to navigate it with any degree of confidence. Humid and perpetually raining, navigation is made harder still by the random pockets of quicksand, the deceivingly tame river, and Eyland’s native wyverns. The Hloa is as dangerous as it is beautiful and guards its treasures jealously. As you approach Hloa’s heart, you may see a grove of towering kapok trees, home to Naga, the wyvern of legend.
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Palmvide Gardens

The Palmvide Gardens are lovingly tended to and tightly guarded. The Gardens are well hidden from undeserving eyes, and according to local legend can only be found by following a trail of glowing mushrooms charged by the light of a full moon. The air seems to hum with an otherworldly energy, at once serene and haunting and ancient. The Gardens are surrounded by a quiet forest of cedar trees, their roots enclosing the Gardens as if it were a sanctuary to the sacred Eylandian deer species, and the gods themselves. Nestled sporadically through the trees rest carved effigies of gods, spirits and animals; some no bigger than a fist, some larger than a moose.
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Enadsyn Tributary

The Enadsyn Tributary serves as as a choice meeting place for natives and visitors alike. Seawater flows in through the mangroves on the Azure Coasts to become the freshwater river that cuts through the jungle. The start of the river is slow-flowing, full of fat fish and shrubby vegetation that attracts herds of grazing elk. The Tributary is a prime hunting spot, and hosts the twice-yearly Hunts where natives hunt side by side. Its varied terrain and young, less dense forest makes the eastern end of the Tributary an ideal training ground. Some Eylanders even choose to settle in the Tributary as a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Saevar, as it holds none of the jungle’s ferocity in both wildlife and weather.
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Fjarlae Cape

On the remote eastern coast lies the Fjarlae Cape, a sweeping stretch of grassland atop the cliffs that overlook the Alreider Sea. Breathtaking yet isolated, there are only two ways to reach Fjarlae: trek through the Hloa Jungle or fly by wyvern. Rocky waters, sudden storms, and regular sea serpent sightings keep even the most experienced mariners from nearing the cape. However, an ambitious endeavor to turn acres of fertile grassland into farmland has drawn a steady stream of new settlers. More recently, the open terrain has become a favored spot for wyvern riders to drill in. A secluded cove at the bottom of the cliffs hides the entrance to a system of uncharted caves - some are said to lead straight underwater, and stranger still are the ones rumored to lead to caverns covered in ancient runes.
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Azure Coasts

The Azure Coasts are the only coasts with beaches instead of cliffs. They run along the edge of the jungle and begin where a grove of mangrove trees ends. Children often comb the beach for sea glass, shells, and washed up artifacts to sell. Fishing boats are moored at even stretches up and down the shore. The beach crawls with lazy red crabs and serves as a nesting ground for sea turtles. The Alreider Sea is at its calmest here, buffeted by the surrounding coral reefs that prevent nefarious creatures from lurking in the waters. Adventurers seek out a strip of shoal only visible during low tide that leads to a jutting rock formation out at sea. Atop it sits an abandoned hut, rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a woman sacrificed there long ago.
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