Moonflower Chateau

Owned by PRUDENZIA DELAQUA. Marble and cobblestone forge the path to the three archways at the mouth of the steps to this mansion. Ivy and wisteria embellish the exterior both hanging and planted in massive clay pots, offering a vibrant contrast to beige walls, brown wood, and grey stones. The outside of the structure is a mixture of granite, wood, and limestone which is bolstered by a strong foundation of brick. A balcony overlooks the front entry as four towers can be seen when facing the house. Countless windows allow for an excess of natural light. Boasting forty-two rooms, twenty fireplaces, and a small stable for beasts, this is no small abode. It is extravagant in its excess — as further implicated by the larger than life statue of a clothed, yet shapely, unnamed goddess who stands, wreathed in purple moonflowers, to greet all guests.
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Owned by ALEXANDER BEAUMONT. Moorehouse, the lavish home of House Beaumont, sits at the southernmost edge of the Living District, making it one of the farthest estates to reach. A twisting private road lined with apple trees leads to Moorehouse's manicured front lawn. The Beaumont's deep love of art is evident in the vast sculpture garden woven between short rows of trimmed hedge, extending from the front of the estate to the back. The ivy-draped, three-story mansion holds a bevy of rooms, a private art collection, live-in staff, and a mysterious attachment leading off from the main house. A hedge maze with a marble fountain at its center looms besides a rose garden tended by a team of gardeners. A small stable of warmbloods, nestled next to a kennel housing the hunting hounds, curves along the eastern edge of the property.
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Althealansi Yver
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in which althea assaults a man in public P 

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Prudenzia Delaqua
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A Gathering Storm [House Quest] P 

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