The Iron Fox

Owned by TRISTAN BLACK. Located in the heart of the Merchant District, the Iron Fox is a single-story building made of brick and mortar with a solid wooden door in the front. Above the door hangs an iron sign shaped like a fox that sways gently in the breeze. The front door leads into the shop itself as well as the living quarters, but attached to the left side of the building is the actual forge. Set up beneath an extending slab of roof tiles, the smithy has everything needed to craft the finest weapons, armor, and various goods in all of Drekhjarta.
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Tristan Black
Tristan Black posted 08/19/2019, 4:44am

Drawn outside the lines of reason. P 

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started by Cesare Ulfhednar

Tristan Black
Tristan Black posted 08/13/2019, 9:54pm

I Wish You the World [Shop Quest] Q 

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