While we try very hard to include as much information as possible in the guidebook, sometimes we just can’t answer everything! These are some rather common questions that we’ve come across. If your question isn’t listed, feel free to ask in our Questions & Suggestions forum. If you’re a guest, please use the Guest Room forum instead (password is humanheart).

Why is the site called "The Heart of Dragons" when it seems that the focus is mainly on humans and fae?

While humans and fae make up the majority of the characters on THOD, dragons are the drive behind almost all past conflicts and current politics. Whether it’s the confusion that came about from the discovery of dragon-blessed humans, the morality of fae hunting dragons for their magic, the legality of humans hunting dragons to sell their valuable scales and other body parts… almost everything can be traced back to the story of a dragon.

Are there activity checks or word count minimums?

We do not require a minimum word count – however, we do ask that you respect the efforts of those you are writing with! We hold an activity check once every six months, but no accounts are deleted unless they have absolutely zero posts. The accounts are moved to the Inactive usergroup so that the statistics in the sidebar remain accurate. If an Inactive player wishes to be involved again, they simply need to respond to the Inactive Account Maintenance thread.

Can I use posting templates? If so, how is this done?

Of course you can! The only requirements we have are that posting templates do not have scroll bars or hover codes, that they don’t impact the layout of our site, and that they do not “burn the eyes” (make them easy to read and look at). Check out the Posting Templates Resource document for a guide on how to use posting templates, as well a few free-to-use templates that you can alter for your own characters!

Why aren't there proficiency levels for professions, magic, etc?

The staff debated whether we should implement leveling systems for a very long time. Ultimately, we decided to leave it up to the members! One of our goals with THOD is to allow you to write whatever you have muse for, with very few limitations. If you love IC development, you’re free to write out your character learning the ropes of archery and slowly becoming more proficient as time goes on. If you want to claim that your character is an amazing baker whose bread makes the King himself swoon, go for it! We all have busy lives and already need to carve out time to write on forums – it shouldn’t be yet another job or chore just to get our character to a point that we enjoy writing them.

Will there be more species to choose from eventually?

Humans, fae, and dragons are currently the only species we plan on having. This could always change in the future, though!

What about hybrids or inter-species classes?

Hybrids are not presently possible, and only exist in the fables passed down generations to scare offspring into only breeding with their own species. They are in our plans for future expansion, though!

Inter-species classes (magic-blessed humans, dragon-blessed fae, etc) are not currently in our plans, as they would create a logistical nightmare for the staff.

Can I create a hybrid character?

Hybrids are a species we hope to offer in the future. For now, though, we do not allow them. Dragons are not compatible with any species except other dragons. Humans and fae may have relationships, but are not capable of reproducing.

How do I obtain one of the rare classes for my character?

The rare classes for each species are tvisal (humans who are able to bond to two dragons), and geyma (fae with arcane magic). These two rare classes will be offered randomly through site-hosted events and competitions. You can also complete the quest chains for them, described in detail on the Quests page.

Can I use, bring, or make my own species/class on THOD?

Species and classes cannot be created. However, you can create your own group through lore submissions! Read the question below for more information about lore submissions.

Can my character come from an outside continent/world, or do they have to be native to Drekhjarta?

At this time, all characters must originate from the continent of Drekhjarta. This is to make immersion into our story a little bit easier. Having said that, there is definitely an opportunity for this to change in the future! You can always peruse the Accepted Lore forum to see if there are any groups or stories you’d like your character to be a part of, or submit your own in the Lore Submissions forum!

Does THOD have wanted ads/requests/canons? If so, where are they?

We do indeed! Adoptables (pre-designed characters that need someone to play them) can be found in the Adoptables forum, and wanted ads (looking for specific roles/relationships to fill) can be found in the Plotting forum. THOD does not have any playable canon characters as of right now.

Can my character have any body type, or do I have to earn certain body types?

You do not have to “earn” any physical features for any characters on THOD! With that said, we ask that all dragon characters (whether a true dragon, a drageskift, or a bonded dragon) should fall under one of the body categories described in our Dragon Species guidebook section (there are 12 body types!). If you feel that your body type isn’t captured by any of the ones listed, please feel free to submit your thoughts in our Questions & Suggestions forum!

Can my character have a pet or companion?

Yes! Animal companions are one of the few things that must be “earned” on site and purchased in the Outlet using our site currency. Jump to the question about rare classes to read more about how to purchase items from the Outlet.

What about a mount or other method of transportation?

Similar to animal companions, mounts/carriages/boats/other forms of transportation must be purchased in the Outlet (read more about how to do that in this question). You can always write that your character paid another to get from point A to point B, but purchasing something from the Outlet is the only way that your character may “own” it and use it regularly.

Have guns been discovered? What about steam, brewing, or the printing press?

Modern guns have not been discovered, but medieval guns (using gunpowder) and muskets do exist! Steam, brewing, and the printing press all exist within Drekhjarta as well. This infographic contains some examples of other medieval items that have been invented. As a general guideline, anything in the real world that was discovered or invented prior to the year 1500 will exist within our world of Drekhjarta.

Why is only original art allowed?

We believe original character designs make creative writing a more immersive experience, as the images used don’t have the opportunity to be tied to a personality or history that we may know from movies, books, or real life. We also think it levels the playing field for our writers; there will be no rushing to claim the most popular actors or anime characters! With original art, you truly get to weave your own stories.

What if I don't have any original art of my characters, and can't afford to buy any?

While we want THOD to always be focused on creative writing, we understand the desire to have artistic representation of your beloved characters! Our co-owner, Avis, has developed a helpful list of DeviantArt artists available to commission. However, we don’t want any of our members to be limited by money if at all possible! Gull has invested in many character designs to offer as Official THOD Adoptables - check them out and see if there’s any that spark your muse!

Can I use art that I found on a Google search, DeviantArt, or other sites?

Yes, but only if the artwork is both original and free to use! As always, please make sure you credit the artist of any work you use. If you’re unsure whether an artwork you’d like to be used is valid, contact a staff member and they’ll help you out!

Can I open my own graphics/coding shop? If so, can I charge for making graphics/coding?

Of course you can! We love it when our members share their talents. You can create your own shop thread in the Studios & Requests forum, and also decide what you want to charge (whether it’s real money, site currency, or for free out of the goodness of your heart!). Please keep in mind that staff will not moderate or mediate any transactions made between members unless either A) the transaction is paid for but the item is never completed, or B) the item is completed but the transaction is never paid for.

How do I obtain a dragon character?

Dragons are inherently rare on Drekhjarta, which makes them harder to obtain as a character! In order to create a dragon character, you must already have an accepted character (they cannot be your first character), and you must earn them via quest.

What is the difference between an alpha/elder dragon and a "regular" one?

Other than the positions they hold within their clans, elders and alphas are the only dragons who possess passive geyma magic! While the passive magic of all other dragons is dictated by the region they were born in, elders and alphas earn their magic. When a dragon is made alpha of their clan, they will develop passive arcane magic in addition to their typical elemental magic. Similarly, when a dragon reaches the age of 800 years (when they begin to regress), they will do the same.

What kind of magic can my dragon have?

All dragons possess passive magic relating to their birth region. This directly correlates to the magic that fae harvests from them: Norder dragons have ice magic, Austan dragons have earth magic, Vestrian dragons have air magic, Sunna dragons have fire magic, and Eylander dragons have water magic. As explained in the above question, alpha and elder dragons also develop arcane magic. All dragon magic is passive and cannot be controlled.

World Lore Glossary of Terms