Magic, battles, stealing, breeding, and royalty are all major components of our fantasy world. The sections below outline how each of these systems work (and reveal just how relaxed our systems really are). As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


We do not have any magic system set in place. Your character may be as adept or as novice as you would like them to be - whatever invigorates your writing muse!

Humans: The only magic humans carry is the passive ability to bond with dragons, or the innate ability to shift into a dragon form. This is why they are often referred to as "dragon-blessed." While you may choose the level of control your character has over their shifting, they will never be able to remember what they are doing while in their dragon form.

Fae: Fae are the species imbued with the most magic, hence why they are often referred to as “magic-blessed.” Fae harvest and imbibe their magic from the blood of dragons; once ingested, the magic will be passed down from generation to generation, often becoming weaker over time. Svell fae harvest ice magic from Norder dragons, jarda fae harvest earth magic from Austan dragons, lopt fae harvest air magic from Vestrian dragons, bruni fae harvest fire magic from Sunna dragons, vatna fae harvest water magic from Eylander dragons, and geyma fae harvest arcane magic from elder/alpha dragons.

Dragons: Magic will affect the color of a dragon’s fire based on the region they were born in (white for Norder dragons, green for Austan dragons, yellow for Vestrian dragons, red for Sunna dragons, blue for Eylander dragons, and purple for elder or alpha dragons). If a dragon is wild, their magic is passive and exudes an aura around them (for instance, a Norder dragon may leave frost wherever it steps).

When describing your magic during character creation and subsequently writing with your magic, please keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. Your magic must make sense with the category you’ve chosen (ex: a bruni fae should not be able to summon snow, a Vestrian dragon should not affect the plants around them).

  2. All magic is finite and relies on your character’s energy. Using active magics (human shifting, or any fae magic) will steadily deplete your character’s stamina. Passive magics (dragon auras and human bonds) will become less potent/effective as your character grows tired.


At this time, our battle system (or lack thereof) relies solely on an honor system: we trust the members involved in the battle to play it out the way they’d prefer! Whether that means the members involved simply “wing it” and determine the winner amongst themselves, or they decide to plot out all the details in advance… it doesn’t matter.

We would like to stick as closely as possible to THOD’s mantra: Write whatever sparks your muse! If a battle of wits or magic or weapons is what you are after, go for it! The only thing we’d like to reiterate is one of our main roleplaying rules:

There will be no god modding (making your character invincible or far superior to others), power playing (controlling or damaging another member's character without their permission), or meta gaming (using OOC knowledge in your IC writing).

While we currently have no system for you to adhere to, we are looking for battle system ideas to implement in the future, so that we can offer options to those members who would like more structure! If you have an idea, please share it in the Questions & Suggestions forum.


Similar to Battles, our stealing “system” also relies on an honor system: we trust the members involved to come to a mutual agreement on the plot. At this time, all stealing plots must be agreed to by all parties! What is being stolen is up to the members involved - whether it’s a random item to further character development, or an actual shop item such as a companion animal or mode of transportation. If an item is a monitored/earned shop item and the plot is agreed to by all members involved, remember to transfer the items to the new owners at the end of your thread(s)!

While we currently have no system for you to adhere to, we are looking for stealth system ideas to implement in the future, so that we can offer options to those members who would like more structure! If you have an idea, please share it in the Questions & Suggestions forum.


With a 1:1 ratio aging system and the ability to change your character’s age through the Crone (see the Quests guidebook page for more information), breeding is really a very simple thing here on THOD! Procreation is the only way to play a character younger than an adult on THOD. Here’s some more information concerning all things procreation:

Species Compatibility: As of right now, characters are only able to procreate with their own species (IE: human x human, fae x fae, dragon x dragon).

Class Compatibility: As of right now, there are no hybrid classes. However, your offspring’s class is determined differently based on the parent’s species and class (see the below tables).
Human Outcomes
Parent Class #1 Parent Class #2 Potential Outcomes
Drageskift Drageskift Drageskift (100%)
Drageskift Sal Drageskift (50%)
Sal (50%)
Drageskift Tvisal* Drageskift (50%)
Sal (25%)
Tvisal (25%)*
Sal Sal Sal (100%)
Sal Tvisal* Sal (75%)
Tvisal (25%)*
Tvisal* Tvisal* Sal (50%)
Tvisal (50%)*

Fae Outcomes
Parent Class #1 Parent Class #2 Potential Outcomes
Svell Svell Svell (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Svell Jarda Svell (50%)
Jarda (50%)
Svell Lopt Svell (50%)
Lopt (50%)
Svell Bruni Svell (50%)
Bruni (50%)
Svell Vatna Svell (50%)
Vatna (50%)
Svell Geyma* Svell (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Jarda Jarda Jarda (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Jarda Lopt Jarda (50%)
Lopt (50%)
Jarda Bruni Jarda (50%)
Bruni (50%)
Jarda Vatna Jarda (50%)
Vatna (50%)
Jarda Geyma* Jarda (75%)
Geyma (25%)
Lopt Lopt Lopt (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Lopt Bruni Lopt (50%)
Bruni (50%)
Lopt Vatna Lopt (50%)
Vatna (50%)
Lopt Geyma* Lopt (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Bruni Bruni Bruni (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Bruni Vatna Bruni (50%)
Vatna (50%)
Bruni Geyma* Bruni (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Vatna Vatna Vatna (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Vatna Geyma* Vatna (75%)
Geyma (25%)*
Geyma* Geyma* Svell (10%)
Jarda (10%)
Lopt (10%)
Bruni (10%)
Vatna (10%)
Geyma (50%)*
Rare classes denoted by asterisk (*).
Whoever will play the offspring gets to decide what class the offspring inherits. In the cases of rare classes, staff will roll a die to determine whether a rare class is inherited (unless the player specifically asks for the non-rare class).

Sexual Compatibility: Only characters with male and female sex organs may procreate naturally, as our medieval world has not discovered modern medicine. With that said, characters who wish to have their own children and do not have the necessary anatomy may adopt (or even kidnap), or complete the Life-Giving Elixir quest (see the Quests page for more information).

Brood Sizes: Humans may have up to three children, with one being the most typical - two or more will put the mother’s life in danger. Fae may have up to two children, with one being the most typical. Dragons may have up to five offspring, with three being the most typical.

Pregnancy/Incubation Length: Humans are pregnant for three seasons, fae are pregnant for ten seasons, and dragons lay eggs/incubate them for five years. The Crone visits all who procreate, offering the involved parents a “free” blessing to expedite their pregnancy/incubation and age together (allowing the players to choose how long they must play it out before birth/hatching).

Birthing Risk: Birthing for humans is painful but not life-threatening (unless bearing twins or triplets). Birthing for fae is dangerous and often ends in death (especially if carrying twins). Hatching for dragons is guaranteed unless the eggs were damaged.

Offspring Maturity: Humans mature at 20 years, fae mature at 50 years, and dragons mature at 100 years. All characters are allowed to find the Crone and change their age (allowing the offspring’s players to expedite their younger years if they choose to do so).

To submit a request, use the Procreation thread in the Maintenance forum. As long as you adhere to the following guidelines, the results of your breeding will largely be left up to you!

  1. All characters wishing to be parents must have at least 50 IC posts before requesting procreation. EX: mated fae characters wish to raise children together, both characters need at least 50 IC posts; a human female character wishes to have a one-night stand with an NPC and raise a child on her own, she is required to have at least 50 IC posts.

  2. All characters wishing to be active parents must be of a mature age for their species (20 years for humans, 50 years for fae, and 100 years for dragons).

  3. Characters without the necessary sexual organs must complete the Life-Giving Elixir quest prior to submitting their procreation request.

  4. You must find a player for all offspring you wish to have, whether it be yourself or another member. Any offspring without a player must be considered a miscarriage or stillborn (whichever you decide).

  5. The members who will play the offspring must have at least one approved character already - IE, an offspring cannot be a member’s first character on THOD.

  6. You may only request procreation once every one year for humans, once every two years for fae, and once every three years for dragons, and only if the character is not still pregnant/incubating.

  7. Procreation for your species must be marked as Open (status will be listed in the Maintenance thread linked above).

As long as all above requirements are met, all procreation requests will be approved - don’t worry!


All “important” positions on THOD are powerful in name only, with the exception of Wardens. We did this to remove any possibility of unfair auditions, maintaining rigorous activity standards, and having any characters with an unbalanced amount of power over others. We have two very powerful NPCs that may affect THOD’s storyline: the Human King, whose decrees will affect all characters living beneath his reign, and the Crone, whose mysterious powers can adjust your character’s age. Continue reading for a better understanding on Royal characters and Wardens.

Royalty: With the exception of the King, all other royal positions can be created at any time so long as their stories match the history of Drekhjarta (and so long as that position hasn’t been claimed yet). These characters have no real IC power, other than possibly being treated differently by other characters. All royal characters will be depicted by a crown icon on their mini-profiles. Be sure to review the Royalty: Expectations & Information document for open positions and to claim a position (chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis).

Wardens: The wardens are hand-chosen by the King to manage each of the regions within Drekhjarta and considered to be the King’s mouthpieces; they are the ones to decipher the King’s decrees and share them with their citizens. These characters are able to host region-wide IC events and competitions to bolster morale among their citizens. Due to the level of trust he places in them, the King rotates the wardens every year to avoid any one warden learning too many of his secrets. Current warden characters will be depicted by a badge icon on their mini-profiles. Be sure to review the Wardens: Expectations & Information document for election details (chosen on a random basis at the start of every year).

All royalty and wardens must adhere to our activity rules of at least three posts per month.

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