The history of Drekhjarta is full of strife, peace, hardship, and camaraderie. This condensed version is by no means a comprehensive review of all that has passed since the continent was settled so many years ago, but it does lend key insight into the current state of the world.

Year 50: Year of Magic

When the world was new and all three species were young, a social hierarchy naturally developed. The fae were considered a far superior species, blessed with strength, beauty, and longevity while humans seemed rather fragile in comparison. This was widely accepted, if only due to the alliance that formed between the cousin species. While the fae covertly believed humans to be inferior and weak, and the humans harbored jealousy and resentment over their diminutive status, the two held one thing in common above their petty differences: their hatred of and lust for the power of dragons. The beasts had been present for as long as any human or fae could remember, terrorizing livestock and destroying property. However, dragons could provide a lucrative living to those who braved their fires. Their scales could be used to buy frivolities, their teeth and bones to craft the most dangerous weapons, their blood to infuse the most effective potions and salves. With this shared animosity towards dragons, the two species learned how to coexist.

This harmonious balance was forever altered when an unsuspecting fae party came across magic. The group had been attempting to fell a dragon when one of the hunters sliced the dragon’s exposed neck with his sword only to be thrown to the ground moments later. Pinned beneath monstrous talons, the fae could do nothing as the dragon’s body became heavier as its life left its body. His growing fear of being crushed coupled with the dead beast’s blood that had seeped into his mouth caused a cataclysmic event: the dragon’s body began to burn, while the fae remained unharmed by the heat of the flames. He had been blessed with magic.

Year 450: Year of Discovery

The grisly discovery that the still-vibrant blood of a dead dragon made the fae impossibly stronger than they had already been. They began to treat humans as inferior, even forcing some into slavery. For four long centuries, this became the new norm. In desperation, two common librarians began researching ways that humans could overcome these insurmountable odds. In an attempt to see whether humans could be compatible with magic, one slaughtered a dragon and drank its blood with no noticeable change. Frustrated by his lack of results, he began the trek home… only to have his roiling emotions trigger a shift from human to dragon, becoming Drekhjarta’s first drageskift. Meanwhile, the other librarian had been looking for a more peaceful solution. When she chose to nurture an ill dragon back to life instead of allowing it to die, she tied her soul to it and by doing so discovered the human ability to bond with the beasts.

These discoveries understandably caused mass chaos and confusion as the balance and relationships between all three species shifted. Suddenly, humans began to challenge the status quo; maybe fae weren’t the superior species… maybe they were equals. Their eyes focused on the crown; for centuries, there had been a fae on the throne, determining the treatment and very livelihood of humans. With the knowledge that humans were dragon-blessed, they decided to overthrow the fae monarchy. Thus, the Fifty Year War began.

Year 500: Year of the King

It started as any other war might: a call in the night signaled the start of an end to the Fae King’s reign, bloodshed claiming the throne that day. Humans both barren and dragon-blessed flooded through the castle gates, bringing with them displeased fae who felt their king had failed their cause.

In retaliation, the Human King gathered forces from all species - the humans were certainly easy, but convincing the fae took time. With the plan set, the only thing that was needed were the numbers, and so the usurper set his sights on the fae’s magic. They could be strong allies in battle, and were just the thing needed to tip the scales in the to-be King’s favor. His allies searched for those who felt wronged and wished for change, and even stooped as low as threatening the lives of more powerful fae if they refused to aid in the humans’ cause. Once their forces were gathered, the war began.

Years of underground secrecy and strategic action led the fight right to Castle Drekmerki’s doorstep. Along the way were numerous casualties and irreparable damage to both interpersonal and political relationships, but ultimately nothing mattered except the outcome. There would be no saving, no stopping the carnage until the Human King sat upon Drekharta’s golden pedestal. His ascension brought a conclusion to the seemingly endless war at long last, albeit with great cost.

Year 501: CURRENT

The war has left a lasting impact on many Drekhjartan’s lives. The long-established trust between human and fae seems broken beyond repair, and the last of the wild dragons have long since gone into hiding to avoid the destruction wrought by the bipeds. Now that the blood has dried, the Human King searches for more dragons. His professed goal is twofold: he aims to harvest their magic for the fae, and to find more beasts compatible with the souls of humans. The majority of the world remains ignorant of his true motivations, however… with the help of his Legate and other close political allies, he strives to keep the rift between species alive and harness the power of dragons not to help his subjects, but to instead cement his continued dominion.

Will your character discover the Human King’s ambitions? Will they believe in the King’s do-good proclamations and honorable decrees, as the majority of their fellow citizens do? Will they view other species and classes with jaundice or through rose-tinted glasses? Or has your character simply experienced enough of war and politics and choose to forge their own path? ...History is still being written for this year!

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