Ours is a world of conflict and strife, of love and laughter, of wonder and magic. For millennia, humans and fae have been united against a common enemy. Dragons are a scourge on our world; hunting our livestock, destroying our homes, and even killing us. Humans hunt the dragons for their scales and horns whilst the fae conquer them for the magic they possess. This was all we knew... until recent times. Humans began exhibiting certain gifts, such as the ability to bond with dragons and even to naturally harbor their precious blood. The balance swayed as humans began to empathize with the beasts, inciting anger and distrust in the fae. Despite this new development, we continue to trek through our lives as the seasons pass.

Welcome to the world of Drekhjarta.


The Heart of Dragons (affectionately referred to as THOD) is a medieval fantasy collaborative writing community. Our community consists of intermediate-to-advanced English writers aged eighteen and over. Our story takes place on the fictional continent of Drekhjarta, a sandbox world where your character dictates our history and our future. If you are interested in joining our forums, we ask that you review the contents of this guidebook first. If you still have questions after reviewing the guidebook, feel free to reach out to us in the Questions & Suggestions forum or our Discord (which can also be found at the bottom of our home screen).

How to Join

  1. Read the Required Reading pages of our Guidebook (you can see a list of what’s required here)! This will give you insight into whether THOD is truly the site for you. While we are proud of giving our members as much freedom as possible, we are also very heavily based on lore. Ensure you agree with our rules and enjoy the world we’ve created before joining us!

  2. Review the Master Names List before registering any accounts. The only requirement we have is that your OOC name (the alias you are known by as a member) is original. IC names are tracked; while we recommend trying to avoid characters with duplicate names, we do not enforce a “no doubles” policy.

  3. After reviewing the names, create your OOC account with the alias you’d like to be known as (no symbols or spaces), validate your email, and respond to the OOC Account Maintenance thread. You do not need to wait for approval before moving on to creating your character account(s).

  4. After reviewing the names again, create your character account with your character’s first and last name (no nicknames or middle names, and no last names for dragons). Make sure to validate your email.

  5. Now is the time to fill out your character’s profile! Check out the Character Creation page for more guidance and information. We do not have any word count minimums, just make sure your character is well-rounded and conforms to site lore! We highly recommend referring to our Profile Field Walkthrougha> as you complete your character’s profile.

  6. When you are satisfied with your character’s profile, navigate to the Character Applications forum. Create a new thread with the title in the following format: FIRST LAST, Species, Region. For example, ROATIRA HEART, Fae, Kastali City. Select the Queued thread prefix, and use the form found in the Character Application Form thread.

  7. Staff will review your character profile as promptly as possible! We know you’re itching to finally play your character, and it’s the worst to have to wait on others before you’re able to write. If we do not get back to you within three days, or one week if it includes a holiday, we will give you 250 audsalir (our site currency). That’s worth 50 IC posts!

  8. Feel free to browse our OOC boards while waiting for your profile to be accepted! Plot with other members in the Plotting forum, start building your own tracker in the Player Logs forum, read up on member-submitted lore in the Accepted Lore forum, take part in some fun in the OOC Games forum, request some art in the Studios & Requests forum, start a discussion topic in the Lounge forum, or simply use our Discord to chat with other members and pass the time!

  9. As soon as your profile has been accepted, go forth into the expansive and immersive world of Drekhjarta! Repeat Steps 4 through 8 for any additional characters. And as always, please be sure to reach out if you have any questions at all, no matter how big or small!