“Lore” captures all stories and plots that your character can be a part of - religion, events, groups of people, families, and more. The stories outlined below are the “official” lore of THOD, meaning they are well-known and anyone can join them! To see more lore created by members (or create one yourself!), visit the Accepted Lore forum.

Alkyrra Pirates

Sailing the easy waters of the western sea are the Alkyrra Pirates, charming and benevolent to the individuals they deem worthy of aiding. They have a soft spot for the poor and helpless, selflessly devoting their lives on the open blue to taking control of the ships of the rich and giving their treasures to those less fortunate. They vow to never take a life unless the situation forces otherwise; these pirates, above all, despise the inequity of the world and merely wish to even out the injustices they face.

The Alkyrra Pirates ride aboard vessels with a dove insignia. Those that seek them out will usually find themselves a safe and secure place to rest while they travel the serene sea.

Alreider Pirates

The only true navigators of the terrifying eastern sea, the Alreider Pirates are both cunning and cruel. The knives and swords they carry aren’t just for enhancing their savage aesthetics; they use them with the intent to kill so they can pillage and steal any ship that they come into contact with. The only time they tend to show mercy is when making deals that work in their favor (such as ‘safely’ transporting individuals across the sea for a hefty price), or holding hostages for ransom - and even then the hostages’ fates are left up to circumstance.

As if the roughness of the Alreider wasn’t enough to worry about, those who travel across the vast sea should take care to steer clear of the ships boasting the boar insignia, else they wish to barter their lives away.

The Crone, Drekhjarta's Blesser

No one knows the true origin of the Crone; they are a shapeshifting being who takes on the form of whatever the visitor most desires to see... and somehow the Crone always knows what it is before they arrive. Their age is beyond any can remember - they have been alive at least since Drekhjarta was founded, quite possibly even beforehand… but those are just rumors, of course.

Individuals of all three species seek out the Crone when they desire a change related to time, for that is what the shapeshifter ultimately excels in, with a focus in age manipulation. They have opened up their services as an offer to those willing to make the treacherous trek to see them, since their location changes often to make finding them more challenging. The Crone is willing to perform their magic and alter the ages of children and adults alike, skipping their years both forward and backward. It is common for parents to bring their newborn children to the Crone - nicknamed the “Blesser” - to age them past their baby and toddler years; likewise, the elderly may also seek them out to reverse them back into a more youthful life.

King's Hunters

The King has amassed quite a number who work in his service as fighters, and one group in particular stands out from the rest. They are the King’s Hunters, trained assassins that track down dragons to collect their power for the King. Their one goal is to find dragons and either kill or capture them, to return them to Castle Drekmerki so it can be decided whether he wants them dead or sent off to his Trainers.

These hunters are better than any others in Drekhjarta; these individuals have been in training nearly since birth, and pledge their undying loyalty to the Human King. He provides them with all the necessary tools to do their job - and to him, it is quite a simple one: they keep their mouths shut about what they do and what they hunt, and show no hesitation in bringing death to the dragons. Should they disobey or express a sliver of discontent with their task, their fates are reversed and it is them at the end of their own spears. Click here to read more!

King's Trainers

In addition to the menacing hunters, the King also has another secret group within his employ: his Trainers. While the hunters sign up for their servitude voluntarily, the Trainers are quite the opposite. They consist of fae with various types of magic that allows them to “train” or otherwise lull the dragons that the Hunters bring in.

While others loyal to the King may be in awe of the work his Trainers do, the Trainers themselves couldn’t despise their duties more. Most of them are slaves caught in the aftermath of the Fifty Year War, typically by a Hunter or human in the king’s employ who discovered their specific magic skills. The king gave them one choice: tame the captured dragons so that they answer to the King’s commands, or watch the Hunters kill the dragons and then be killed themselves.

There has yet to be an escape by any of the King’s Trainers. They are watched around the clock, and locked in their rooms when their work is finished. The only solace they find is in their own talents, and the ability to ease the dragons who are to be slaves just like themselves.

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