Drekhjarta boasts an extremely vibrant and diverse ecosystem. The flora and fauna listed below are by no means the only ones that can be found on our continent. They are simply listed as a guideline and example of what you can find on your adventures. You are welcome to use any vegetation and wildlife that can be found in real life, we only ask that you consider your location when writing - for example, a polar bear wouldn’t be found in the middle of the desert!


Here is a short list of common plants, flowers, and trees that can be found in each region.

Kastali City: Ash trees, balsam, crabgrass, hawkweed, hogweed, horseweed, lindens, maple trees, ragweed, tufted lovegrass, and water avens.

Norderhalt: Bearberry, birch, cedar, eelgrass, emerald bog, fir, ginseng, hair grass, oak, pearlwort, pine, prairie clover, prickly burr, primrose, trillium, tussock grass.

Vestri: Asters, bluestem, buffalo grass, clovers, columbine, cottonwood, dogwood, milkweed, onion, prairie sage, rye, switchgrass, thimbleweed, wheatgrass, wildflowers, and yarrow.

Austanferd: Aspen, cedar, cypress, ferns, fir, hawthorn, lichen, maple, mosses, mushrooms, pine, shrubs, spruce, sycamore, tulips, redwood, roses, walnut, and wildflowers.

Sunnarst: Cactus, desert lily, dog bush, fan palm, mesquite, mustard, nightshade, ocotillo, phacelia, poppies, rattle weed, sand verbena, succulents, and yucca.

Eyland: Avocado, bamboo, bananas, bermuda grass, cane grass, coconuts, evergreens, fern, ipomoea, jasmine, lilies, mangoes, orchids, palms, papaya, philodendron, pineapples, and plumeria.


Here is a short list of common animals (large and small, aquatic and land) that can be found in each region.

Kastali City: Beetles, cockroaches, coyotes, falcons, feral dogs, feral cats, gulls, hawks, mice, monkeys, opossums, pigeons, rabbits, raccoons, rats, squirrels, and swans.

Norderhalt: Albatross, badgers, bears, beavers, bison, bobcats, foxes, geese, hare, herons, icefish, loons, lynx, moose, octopus, owls, penguins, petrels, porcupine, reindeer, seals, skua, walrus, weasel, whales, white-tailed deer, wolverines, and wolves.

Vestri: Bison, butterflies, cowbirds, ferrets, goldfinch, grasshoppers, ground squirrel, grouse, hawks, kingsnake, meadowlarks, prairie chicken, prairie dogs, pronghorn, rattlesnakes, sparrows, and voles.

Austanferd: Badgers, bears, bees, cardinals, deer, eagles, foxes, hawks, hedgehogs, lizards, monkeys, moths, opossums, owls, porcupines, stick bugs, squirrels, warblers, wild boar, and woodpeckers.

Sunnarst: Addax, armadillo, bobcat, camels, coyote, dingo, fennec fox, fire ants, iguana, killer bees, lizards, mountain lion, roadrunner, scorpions, snakes, spiders, tortoise, vultures, and wild dog.

Eyland: Anacondas, boas, caiman, chameleon, coatl, crocodiles, eagles, flying fox, geckos, gorilla, jaguars, komodo dragons, monkeys, okapi, parrots, poisonous frogs, rhinoceros, sloth, tapir, toucans, turtles, and vipers.

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