Please follow the rules outlined on this page. While we understand that mistakes happen, the staff are not afraid to deal with transgressions accordingly so as to keep our community respectful and welcoming. We will be more lenient for violations of activity, characters, roleplaying, or graphics/coding rules. However, the general rules are absolute and should be upheld at all times. The staff will always strive to give warnings before taking any further actions, but more severe infractions will be up to their discretion.


  1. You must be eighteen years or older to join The Heart of Dragons.

  2. We are a one-account-per-character site. Your first account should always be your OOC account.

  3. Be kind and respectful to one another. This should go without saying, but the "golden rule" is our ultimate rule.

  4. Be welcoming. We do not judge based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, mental illness, race, skin color, political stances, or any other metric. We are all human beings with a passion for collaborative writing and character building.

  5. While the staff is ready and willing to deal with any issues that may arise (with proper evidence) - especially when it concerns the wellbeing of our members and THOD's overall culture - we'd like to gently remind you of the following:

    • IC thoughts, words, and actions are not a reflection of how that player views you.

    • If someone declines your request for a plot or thread, try not to take it personally. Laugh it off and move on to plot or write with someone else!

    • We are all human behind the screens, and we are all here with the same goal: to carve some time out of our hectic lives to enjoy writing.

    • Ask yourself, "Is this really something I want to spend my time being upset about?" It's extremely hard to communicate via keyboard, and intentions can often be misconstrued. Take a step back, breathe deeply, and analyze the situation before reacting.


  1. We acknowledge that our member base consists of all ages above eighteen years old, all types of jobs, and all stages in life. Because of this, our activity requirements are extremely relaxed. See the following bullet points for more information:

    • We will run an "activity check" every 6 months. Accounts with no activity in that time frame will be moved to the Inactive usergroup.

    • The only time we will ever delete accounts is if an account that is six months or older has had absolutely no posts.

  2. Royals and Wardens are required to post at least three times per month (that's less than once per week). For more information on these positions, refer to the Game Mechanics guidebook page.


  1. There is no limit on how many characters you can have. You are your own best judge at how much you can handle.

  2. Dragons are rare on Drekhjarta; because of this, dragon characters must be earned via quest. They also cannot be your first character on site.

  3. All character accounts should be registered with their first and last name in proper capitalization (with the exception of dragons, who should only have one name). Please do not include middle names or nicknames.


  1. There will be no god modding (making your character invincible or far superior to others), power playing (controlling or damaging another member's character without their permission), or meta gaming (using OOC knowledge in your IC writing).

  2. We allow all explicit content as long as the following guidelines are adhered to:

    • All participants must agree to the content.

    • You must tag the thread with the relevant prefix. Use [Mature] for mature themes and consensual sex, [Violence] for extreme violence, and [Trigger] for triggering topics such as episodes of mental illness, etc. If you're unsure, use a prefix just to be safe. Threads with these prefixes will automatically prompt the viewer for their date of birth; this is to remain COPPA-compliant.

    • We have zero tolerance for writing out and/or glorifying illegal matters, including rape and pedophilia.

  3. All characters can only speak English (with the exception of characters originating from worlds in our Accepted Lore forum). For the purposes of our fantasy world, English will be considered the official Drekhjartan language.

  4. We do not have any minimum word count requirements! We simply ask that you respect the amount of effort given by the members you are writing with.

Graphics & Coding

  1. We are proud to have only original illustrations on THOD. As such, we do not have face claims. You will be asked to remove any images of real life people or animated characters (unless they are used to represent an OOC account).

  2. Please give credit for all images you use, whether it's in your signature or your profile. In addition, always obtain permission from the artist before using images.

  3. Art theft is considered a serious offense, and we will not tolerate it. Please respect the artists and, in the case of commissioned works, the owners.

  4. You may use HTML tables to spruce up your posts if you so wish. To keep the site as mobile-friendly as possible, please avoid scrollbars and hover codes. Staff reserves the right to ask you to alter your tables if they are hard to read or impact the layout of our site.

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