While THOD’s main focus is and always will be on giving members the freedom to write what they want, the Outlet is our way of giving everyone something to work towards if they wish! Weapons, clothes, accessories, and food are considered necessary to all characters and will never be restricted. Companion animals, mounts and other transportation methods, homes, and shops are some of the items that can be found in the Outlet. Read below to learn more!

Site Currency

The main form of currency in our world is known as audsalir, represented by this symbol: ∀. Oftentimes, characters will refer to them as auds instead.

Every account is given ∀50 upon registering on the site (both OOC and IC alike). Every IC post will earn ∀5. There will also be plenty of chances to earn additional auds through contests and random giveaways!

Shop Rules

We have two very simple guidelines to follow when it comes to the Outlet, audsalir, and purchased items.

  1. You may donate your earned audsalir to any member for any reason. You may also move your auds between your own accounts.

  2. Companions and travel items are allowed to be given to other members. Habitation and any staff-managed items are not. If you’re unsure whether you can send an item, just ask!

Please reach out to staff or any knowledgeable members if you have any questions!

Available Items

There are four types of items that can be found in the Outlet.

Companions: Companions are pets for your character, ranging from fish to wild animals, such as bears or lions. You can decide your companion’s breed/species based on the item purchased, as long as the animal can be found in the real world.

Travel: The travel category covers all modes of transportation that can be found in Drekhjarta, from region-specific animal mounts to wagons to ships. As stated on the World of Drekjhjarta guidebook page, it can take weeks to travel from east to west and months to travel from north to south. You can always write that your character purchased passage from one point or another, but if you’d like a consistent form of transport, travel items are very beneficial.

Habitation: When purchased, these items will provide you with your own personal sub-board within a specific IC land. You can choose from rural land, town houses, a storefront that your character lives within, or even Castle Drekmerki itself. Please review the Item Maintenance thread before purchasing to ensure your space is available!

Staff Managed: These “items” are not actually items, but can instead be considered a label or icon to easily provide more information about that account. These include special character types such as wardens, character classes, and badges to show accounts that have won awards (Character of the Moment, etc). As the category name suggests, staff will manage these items and give them out accordingly!

History of Drekhjarta World Lore