-Post 3-

The gods hate us
Because we killed them
A week had passed since she had broken the horse, now she was testing how he handled with her in the saddle. Occasionally he still threw her, but where was the fun in a horse that was far too tame? Galloping around the hills she tipped her head back, for once her life she was truly happy. She owned a magnificent mount, and it was all she ever wanted. Still, a name was needed for the beast, reigning in the horse she tenderly stroked his neck a frown etched in her brow. "Nefiel." She hmmed, the horse flicked back an ear, snorting he started walking. Obviously, he didn't like that name then, "Desarge, Abraxas, Atanas, Adray, Veliks..." The horse tossed his head at the last name she threw out, smiling she leaned forward and stroked his head. With a squeal Veliks charged forward, laughing she threw down the reigns and gripped his mane leaning forward. It felt like she was flying and not the fear-filled one when she had been picked up by the dragon, but the one she would have done racing her fellow hunters. Laughing she rode to where the ranch was, dismounting she took off the horses saddle and bridle. A personal set had been given to her after she bought the horse, something that the owner did to make sure she didn't steal the horse. Placing the tack on her new mount she climbed up, nodding to the owner she clicked her tongue and rode off. Veliks' training will continue when she got back to the capital, where he will be outfitted with armor and a new saddle. 

Adorned in the gear of the hunters, laden with weapons and seen how far and fast he can go while carrying her and other items. Once that was done she could do as she liked with him, she would have to stop by the blacksmith while at home to see how her training gear was going. It was being custom built just for her, and it should be done by now. Not wanting to waste any more time than she already had she urged her new friend to go faster, the steady drum of hoofbeats under her brought a smile to her face again. A smile she hadn't allowed since her lover's death, wincing she shoved down the pain and only focused on the joy of riding instead of walking. Granted she was five hundred coins short now, she didn't care.