Inactive Account Maintenance

Corresponding Staff Guide: Click (staff use only)

As our rules state, staff will complete an "activity check" approximately every six months. Any accounts with no activity in that time period will be moved to the Inactive usergroup. This is to keep our Census updated with mostly accurate numbers, but also preserve all of the hard work and beautiful writing our members contribute to the site.

If your account is classified as Inactive and you'd like to start using it again, or if you'd like to inactivate an account you no longer have muse for, please respond to this thread using the code below. Staff will then update your user group back to what it was before. All responses to this thread will be kept for reference purposes.

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<b>Name:</b> Your name
<b>Account:</b> <a href="LINK">Name of account in question</a>
<b>Action Type:</b> Inactivate or Reactivate
<b>Group:</b> If INACTIVATING, what user group is the account in currently? If REACTIVATING, what user group did the account used to be in/should it be moved to?
<b>Reason:</b> Let us know why you want to inactivate/reactivate


Cordially,THOD Staff