Linking Accounts

Linking your OOC and each IC account you have will create a one-click easy access option for switching between each of your accounts. If you have multiple accounts that you would like to link up for easy account switching, follow the steps below! (Click each image for a larger view.)

1. Access your User CP using the menu on the left of the site. It is recommended to be logged into your OOC account.

2. Under the 'Miscellaneous' heading, find the 'Account Switcher' option.

3. Change the radio button option to 'Attach user to current account.' This will attach your IC account to the OOC account you're logged on to.

4. In the 'Username' dropdown, type in your IC account name. Then type IC account password into the 'password' field.

5. Click the 'Attach' button, and the page will refresh to show you which account(s) are attached to your OOC account. If you made a mistake or wish to detach the account in the future, simply click 'Detach.'

6. Your attached accounts will also appear in the menu on the left of the site, and this is where you can access the one-click option to switch accounts. Repeat these steps for every IC account you want to attach to your OOC account!

Cordially,THOD Staff