Lore Submission Form

Corresponding Staff Guide: Click (staff use only)

Copy and paste the following code into a new thread on this board to submit your lore idea. Staff will review it and respond if anything needs to be adjusted or corrected before approving it and moving it to the Accepted Lore forum.

<div style="margin:25px;">
<h2><b>Overview</b></h2><div style="margin-left:25px;">

<b>Created By:</b> (your name)
<b>Contact:</b> (how you'd like to be contacted, ex: message or discord)
<b>Lore Type:</b> (culture, religion, group, event, family, or other)
<b>Availability:</b> (open, limited, audition, or closed)


<h2><b>(lore title here)</b></h2><div style="margin-left:25px;">

(description here)


<h2><b>Hierarchy & Positions</b></h2><div style="margin-left:25px;">

(if your lore has specific positions, list them here; REQUIRED for Audition availability and Family lore types)


Lore Types:
  • Culture: Lore about a culture or society.
  • Religion: Lore about a religion or belief.
  • Group: Lore about a group of people.
  • Event: Lore about a specific event or activity.
  • Family: Lore about a specific family's history or lineage.
  • Other: Lore that doesn't fall into the above categories.
  • Open: Any character can join this lore, no permission needed.
  • Limited: Need permission from the creator before joining this lore (no positions to be tracked).
  • Audition: This lore has limited positions available and requires permission from the creator.
  • Closed: Lore is currently not open for joining, used for informational purposes.

If you have any questions when writing a lore submission, don't hesitate to reach out to staff! We would love to guide you along the way.

Cordially,THOD Staff