He moved easily down the crowded cobblestone streets of the marketplace. In his hand, he flipped a coin through his fingers, a habit he’d held onto since he was a child. The man smirked as a small woman bumped into him, an “accident” as he felt her rifle through his empty pockets.
“Honey, you need practice,” he chuckled darkly as she disappeared in the crowd. He knew better than to bring anything valuable here, anything he was afraid of losing. The pickpockets here were everywhere, some adept and some very amateurish but, either way, it was easy to “lose” things.

He whistled as he approached his vendor, lost in his own thoughts as he glided through the crowd. The man silently allowed his fingers to rifle through the fabrics before him, they were pricey but with what he was making, he could afford it.
“These are beautiful,” he said to the vendor, Max, with a genuine smile. 
“You always have the best,” Abraxes added as he purchased what he needed, some blues and silvers.

Abraxes hummed as he walked with his hands clasped behind his back, his power rumbled around him as he moved. Pale eyes focused on everything and nothing as he strolled aimlessly, the stars on his collar twinkled with every motion.
What a wonderful day,” Abe muttered to himself as he inhaled, the air tasted of the sea and fresh bread made nearby. 

OOC: Short and sweet, just getting a feel for him, it's open for anyone!