Rumors & Gossip Information

It's a well-known rule of roleplaying that what's mentioned out of character is not known in character. This board was specifically created to bypass that rule - welcome to THOD's very own rumor mill, where the rumors and gossip may be based on truth or completely outlandish!

All rumors and gossip posted in this board are considered free "knowledge" that any IC character can know. How they heard of the information is completely up to you; they passed by a group of whispering wenches in the city... their bonded dragon brought the news back from its latest hunt... they paid a fortune teller for some juicy details... it's entirely up to your imagination!

Create a new thread in this board to begin the rumor mill. We only have three rules to consider when posting:

  1. When posting a thread, you must clearly indicate the character(s) it is pertaining to and provide a link to their profiles.

  2. You may only post rumors about your own characters.

  3. If posting rumors about another member's character, you must receive permission from them beforehand, and indicate that you have their permission in your post.
Happy gossiping, everyone!

Cordially,THOD Staff