News Updates

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Here is a compilation of all news snippets that are posted to THOD's sidebar! This includes both past and present updates. If an update is significant, there will be a link to an announcement thread to accompany it.


As of 9:00am CT, THOD is officially open! If you find any kinks or issues, please let us know so we can fix them! We are so incredibly excited to welcome you to our beloved writing haven! -GULL


It's been over two years since we started working on THOD. At long last, we can finally say that we're in the home stretch! The coding goddess Eshye is busy refining some minor display issues, and our staff team is now working on loading in the Guidebook and creating all thread content. We're fairly confident that we'll be able to open before the end of August... keep your eyes peeled! -GULL

Cordially,THOD Staff