Royalty: Expectations & Information

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As stated in the guidebook, royal characters are powerful in name only; other than the NPC Human King, royal characters cannot affect game play and do not have any perks above "normal" characters. The only benefits? Your character holds a spiffy title, and other characters may (or may not) treat them differently upon meeting them! With that said, we do have a few expectations when it comes to royal characters if you would like to play one.

  1. Any available positions are first come, first serve based on the first approved profile.

  2. If you would like your character to be royal, they must be approved upon character creation. This means no royal characters can "pop up" or "discover" their lineage after approval.

  3. Their history must match the history of Drekhjarta, and their claim to royal blood must make sense in regards to the family trees below.

  4. You must make at least three IC posts per month with the character. If you do not meet this requirement (and have not let us know you'll be gone), you will be warned. If you do not meet this requirement a second time, we will ask you to adjust the character's history (and name, if they have children currently being played) and remove you from the lineage below.

  5. Accepted royal characters are depicted by a crown item on their profile.

Current Royalty (The Human King)

Drekhjarta’s current royal family is young, and also emboldened by their victory in taking the crown. They came from the dregs of Kastali City. The Human King follows the traditional royal hierarchy to appease his citizens, since they are well-accustomed to the status quo.  However, he is far from the "proper" etiquette that the previous royal family practiced; he gives his wife’s family no titles of Lord or Lady, and he has no qualms with whetting his sexual appetite. His bastard children are countless; some may earn his favor, if they’re ever able to catch his eye, while others will never set foot near the castle. Most of them inherit the bastard surname of Heart since they are born in Kastali City, although there are some bastard children born in other regions as a product of the King’s travels.

There are 3/4 characters with royal titles available.
There are unlimited bastards and others related through marriage; you are free to create these characters and they will be added to the lists below the tree.
*Bastards will not be depicted by a crown icon or subject to the three post requirement.

Sired by the Human King with an unknown mother
Victoria South
Related to the Human King; Sal dominant
✦ N/A

Past Royalty (The Fae King)

Drekhjarta's past royals are all fae, as they were the most powerful until the recent discovery of dragon-blessed humans. While it is normal for fae females to inherit the surname of their mates, the royal family purposefully kept the notorious name of Runecrest tied to the crown, no matter the ruler's gender. When the Human King massacred the royal family and took the throne, most of the surviving Runecrests changed their names for their own protection in order to hide among common citizens.

There are 1/3 characters with royal titles available.
No bastard children were ever conceived in the royal lines.
There are unlimited others related through matehood; you are free to create these characters and they will be added to the lists below the tree.

Related to the First King; Jarda dominant
✦ N/A

Related to the Second King; Jarda/Geyma dominant
✦ N/A

Related to the Queen; Lopt/Geyma dominant
✦ N/A

Related to the Fae King; Vatna dominant
✦ N/A
Related to Lady Sora Runecrest; Bruni dominant
✦ N/A

Related to Lady Pyre Runecrest; Svell dominant
✦ N/A

Related to Lord Geti Runecrest; Svell dominant
✦ N/A

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