Wardens: Expectations & Information

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As stated in the guidebook, wardens are the only playable characters that hold "power" over other characters. It is a new position created by the Human King (the Fae King never needed such a position). They are hand-selected by the Human King to personally represent him and to manage each of the Drekhjartan regions. Because of the level of power and trust he grants them, the King rotates these characters every year to prevent any one warden from learning too many of his secrets.

At the beginning of December, staff will post an announcement for the upcoming year's wardens. Any players interested in holding a warden position (and who meet all criteria) will have until Christmas to respond to the thread (ICly, "announce their intent to run for warden"). At the end of December, staff will then put all characters for each region into a randomizer to select the wardens for that year!

*If you wish to claim one of the previous warden positions in the table below: reach out to staff to ensure the position is not already being claimed by another member. If given the green light, your character must meet all OOC expectations listed in this thread. Upon approving your character's profile, staff will add their name to the table.

Previous Wardens
(prior to opening)
claimable claimable claimable Rhen Vastyra claimable
(prior to opening)
claimable claimable claimable Rhen Vastyra claimable

Player (OOC) Expectations

  1. The same characters can enter more than one drawing, but cannot serve more than two terms (IE, characters cannot enter into election drawings more than twice in a row).

  2. Players are limited to one warden character at a time (they may enter multiple characters into the drawing, but only one may be chosen).

  3. Character must meet the activity requirements of three IC posts per month. A warning will be given upon first infraction; second infraction will result in replacing your warden with another character.

  4. To enter into the warden drawings, the character must meet the following criteria:

    • Must be at least 24 years old if human, or 72 years old if fae.

    • Must be currently living in the region they are running for (IE, a Vestrian cannot run for the Eylander warden).

    • Must be in good standing with the King (or if they are not, their opinion of the King/actions against him must not be public knowledge).

  5. You will be granted access to the private #wardenscorner Discord channel, which is used for planning/plotting purposes between wardens and staff.

  6. Wardens are able (but are not required) to post region-wide events and contests, and are also able to make attendance a requirement for their citizens if they choose to do so. If citizens do not attend, there can be IC consequences (but not OOC). If providing rewards for contests or attending events, the reward must be approved by staff first.

    • Your character can be as involved as you wish them to be; if they do not post any events or contests at all during their term, that is completely acceptable as well.

  7. Wardens are required to announce any decrees passed down by the King directly to their citizens. This should be done in the form of a post titled "BY ORDER OF THE KING: Vestri 7/11/19" (changing the region and date).

    • The content of the post is up to you; whether you pretend it's a paper pinned to bulletins in the town, or your character holds a town meeting to address the citizens, or if they walk door to door, etc.

    • Your character can pass on the King's decrees however they see fit; they may stay true to the King's words, or they may distort the information to their own benefit, etc. It's up to you!

  8. Current warden characters will be depicted with a badge item on their profile.

Character (IC) Expectations

  1. Wardens are expected to live in their region's capitol town for the duration of their term.

  2. Must share all of the King's decrees, and obey all orders given to them by the King.

  3. May banish or punish their citizens however they see fit (must obtain player permission prior to issuing punishments that end in injury or death).

  4. Are expected to keep their citizens "in line" (no uprisings against the King, keep the King's peace, etc).

  5. If found disobeying the King in any way, the King may remove their wardenship, or even imprison them for their "crimes."

  6. The King may also replace them at any time without reason.

  7. While their first duty is to represent and serve the King, they are also expected to care for their citizens - this can include "town halls" to address citizen concerns, etc.
Cordially,THOD Staff