NPC Accounts Overview

NPC (or "non-playable character") accounts are used to help drive plots! Some can propel the entire site's history forward, while others can be used to support individual character development however members see fit. Continue reading for more information on the NPC accounts we currently offer.

Staff-Managed Accounts

These accounts can only be used by THOD's staff team. Any posts by them are considered "official" and will typically affect the site's history in some form or another. They can (and will) interfere in any threads, even if they are marked as Private. However, they will not injure or kill your character without your permission. You may request their presence in any of your threads by asking a staff member, although it is never guaranteed.

The Human King (Einarr Kol Vilsidr) will very rarely concern himself in the matters of civilians; he considers their activities and tribulations beneath him. He typically only shows up during important events or to visit positions of power, although he does find enjoyment whenever his presence makes a common person squirm. If anyone refers to him as anything other than My King, Your Grace, or My Liege, his temper will quickly put that person in the palace dungeons.

The Crone's true species, class, and gender are unknown, as they will appear however the character perceives them. They almost always appear as either a very elderly sage, or an innocent young being. Their magic is that of shapeshifting and time itself, and they are the only known creature able to manipulate time in any form. The Crone only ever appears in specific places and for those who wish to alter their age; see theBlessing of Time quest for more information.

Member-Driven Accounts

These accounts are free to be used by all members of THOD! If you plan on using them, keep in mind that member-driven NPC accounts are a privilege - if misused or abused in any way (editing the profiles, changing the email attached to the account, intruding on others threads without permission, etc), they can and will be deleted. DO NOT link these accounts to your personal accounts!

NPC ACCOUNT (see this thread for the password)
Use the NPC account for any of the following things: natural disasters, animal encounters, or one-off character interactions (merchants, family, etc). If you have a different idea in mind, please reach out to a staff member to ensure it would be okay!

Cordially,THOD Staff