Correspondence Information

Drekhjarta is a very large continent. As such, it's not very feasible for a a character in Sunnarst to meet with their cousin in Norderhalt, or for a character in Eyland to interact with their friend in Austanferd across the treacherous Alreider Sea.

Let us introduce you to the Correspondence forum! This allows you to create relationships with characters that are located far, far away from you. Letters can be delivered through any number of means: a mailman riding a mounted steed, tied to the leg of a pigeon, carried on the swift wind of a fae's magic, etc.

Create a new thread in this board to correspond with another character. We only have three rules to consider when posting:

  1. When posting a thread, you must clearly indicate the following things:

    • The character you are attempting to correspond with (and a link to their profile)

    • How the letter is being delivered

  2. Make sure you tag the character so they know that they are receiving correspondence!

  3. If sending a counterfeit letter (written by someone who isn't actually the signer), you must receive permission from the signer's player before sending it.
Happy mailing, everyone!

Cordially,THOD Staff