Adding Quick Links

Add your very own quick links by filling out the Sidebar Link fields in your User CP. These can be links to a guidebook page, your player log, your favorite OOC game, or anything else you'd like quick access to!

1. In order to access the sidebar link options, go through your User CP and choose 'Edit Profile.'

2. Scroll until you see 'Sidebar Link 1' beneath the 'OOC Postbit' field.

3. Using the following code, add a link to any board on the site for easy access in your sidebar menu!

<a href="LINK">name your link here</a>

4. Repeat step 3 for up to five links of your choosing. Make sure to click 'Update Profile' at the bottom of the page to save your links. These links will appear in your sidebar menu on the left of the site.

Cordially,THOD Staff